What is a real psychic

It is always a disappointment when you find that you’ve consulted a fake psychic. Usually, when you go to a psychic, it’s because you have a strong desire to have your questions answered. You’re seeking spiritual guidance about major things that are happening in your life. Because you’re actively seeking something, there are people ready and willing to take advantage of that.

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There are many ways that you can help determine if a psychic is the real deal. First of all, you must understand that a psychic will need some information from you, to get started. This varies, depending on how you consult with your psychic. Psychics who take money from readings are, like anyone else who takes money for performing a service, business people. If you’re visiting a psychic in a face-to-face reading, you may be asked to provide your name, and more information if you’re paying by credit card. This is generally for record keeping purposes. If you’re calling one of those psychic phone lines, or consulting with the best free psychic chat rooms who works for a service, generally the service requires them to get several pieces of information from each caller for marketing purposes. This may include your address, an email address, etc. So while simply collecting that information from you does not make a psychic a fraud, having your name and address gives a fake psychic the opportunity to check up on any online dumpster rental austin activity you have.

A real psychic generally does not need to ask a lot of questions. She may need to clarify a few points, including what your reading is about. If you’re paying by minute, you may not want a whole life reading-you may want to concentrate on a specific point, and the psychic will need to know that. If you’re getting a general reading, she may hit a few high points before zeroing in on a specific topic.

A fake psychic may spread only the good news and cheer. A real psychic understands that life is a balance of both the good and bad, and even though you may not be happy with your reading, she is willing to tell you the truth. In fact, she most likely feels compelled to tell you the truth, rather than to try to make things more “pretty” to insure a return customer.

If a psychic makes outrageous claims: forecasting a specific event, doing readings for stars, etc., it’s best to run the other way. It’s certainly easy to say that you forecast something after the fact; most people can’t provide hard proof that they actually predicted a given event. If someone is doing psychic readings for Hollywood stars, you can rest assured that they have signed a non-disclosure agreement forbidding them from saying so. You can also rest assured that a real psychic is not about to violate the terms of that agreement.

Some people will tell you that fraudulent psychics don’t like to be tested, so they will refuse to answer a question or two for you to “test them out.” While by and large this statement has truth to it, remember that psychics are business people, too. Would you ask a doctor or junk removal cedar park for a sample? If they gave you one, would you keep asking for samples until you were full? You can ask a psychic a question to test them out, but don’t necessarily take their refusal to answer one for free, by itself, to be a sign they are a fraud. People have taken advantage of this and attempted to get entire readings that they have no intention of paying for, and this has jaded many psychics. Online services are often great ways to find actual real free online psychics, because you can check out their feedback.

All in all, there are usually clues if a psychic is not the real deal. It’s important that you look at the big picture rather than making a quick decision!